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Samsung Tablet repairs are done quite frequently at Phones R Fixed. Contact us for a free inspection of the device!

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Common Samsung Tablet Issues

Some common tablet issues we encounter at Phones R Fixed include:

  • Cracked Screens
  • Faulty Battery
  • Charging Port issues
  • Broken Cameras
  • Home Button Malfunctions
  • And many many others

The above issues are all common in-house procedures that each Phones R Fixed technician is trained to handle.

We specialize in…

Our technicians specialize in repairs for the following Samsung models:

    • Galaxy Tab S3
    • Galaxy Tab S2
    • Galaxy View
    • Galaxy Tab Pro S
    • Galaxy Tab E
    • Galaxy Tab A
    • Galaxy Tab 4 Nook
    • Galaxy Tab S
    • Galaxy Tab 4
    • Galaxy Tab Pro
    • Galaxy Note
    • Galaxy Tab 3 Lite
    • Galaxy Note Pro

Water Damage

Phones R Fixed can usually repair tablets exposed to water damage however prior to bringing it in for repair, it is best to turn the tablet off and bring it in for inspection within 24 hours of when the tablet was exposed to water. After the 24 hour period, the tablet is more likely to have corrosion on the inside.


Phones R Fixed takes pride in offering not only the best quality repairs but also the most affordable prices. We know that it is important having your device back in working condition in a timely manner without emptying out your wallet. The repair cost depends on the type of device as well as the extent of the damage it has endured. To receive the most accurate estimate, please feel free to contact your local Phones R Fixed for a free quote!

“I’ve broken my tablet several times but I know I can count on Phones R Fixed to get it working again”Mark V.

Your Samsung tablet repair awaits.

Contact your local Phones R Fixed for a free quote or stop in and speak to one of our friendly certified technicians. We hope to see you soon!

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