Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you guys just fix phones?”

Absolutely not! In addition to phones, our technicians are all trained and certified to repair computers, tablets and many other electronic devices.

“How long does it take to repair my device?”

That all depends on the type of device and the extent of the damage it has experienced. Most iPhone repairs can be completed anywhere between 10 – 45 minutes.

“How can I support Phones R Fixed?”

You can like us on Facebook and keep us in mind whenever you have an issue with your device.

“Will my device be repaired on the same day?”

Most iPhone repairs can be done in one day. Other repairs may need additional parts that require ordering.

“What devices does Phones R Fixed repair?”

We can repair most electronic devices. Here is a list of most devices we repair. If you don’t see your device on the list – don’t panic! You can call your local Phones R Fixed to find out whether our certified technicians can fix your device as well as receive a free estimated quote!

“Do you sell phone accessories?”

Yup! We carry a variety of different phones cases, chargers and screen protectors. All Apple products sold are MFI certified.

“Does Phones R Fixed only repair cracked screens or can you fix internal issues as well?”

All of the above. Each Phones R Fixed technician is certified to repair anything from a physical break (like a broken screen, charging port, etc.) to an internal malfunction (such as a device running slowly or operating imperfectly).

Both hardware and software issues are solved on a daily basis at Phones R Fixed.

“Where can I leave feedback regarding my experience at Phones R Fixed?”

You can head over to our Contact page. No organization is beyond improvement. Your feedback helps us deliver a better experience for our customers. We’d love to hear from you!

“What form of payment do you accept?”

We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as cash.

“I don’t see my question on here. How can I get an answer?”

You can go to our Contact page and a customer service representative will contact you in a timely manner.

“I tell everyone with device issues to go to Phones R Fixed. They know their stuff.”J.R