Iphone or Android – Your Answer to the Question of the Decade

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Forget what you’re used to if you don’t know what you’re missing. You are probably already pretty loyal to either Apple or Android, but if there’s something about your current OS that is really starting to get to you, maybe it’s time to weigh your options. Both operating systems have their pros and cons, but depending on who you are and what you’re looking for in a smartphone, different pros will outweigh different cons. For the best advice, you’ll want to talk to a professional, but the below will give you a little more of an idea of the types of questions you’ll want to ask.

So the question of the decade is “Android or iPhone?” There is no easy answer but there are some things to consider and ask yourself before you buy.

    • Budget: We are all looking to save a buck or two where we can. For some of us that means wearing 4 sweaters in the winter to keep the heating bill down as opposed to sacrificing our unlimited data plan. However, if you don’t live on your phone but appreciate having regular access to articles and social media, then an android phone is definitely the way to go. I’m not saying that all Androids are affordable, but the price range of Androids is much wider than that of iPhones.


    • Durability: I’m going to be blunt, phones aren’t made like they used to be. There is nothing on the market today that can compare to your rubber coated Motorola flip phone that you could probably run over with a truck and have it be okay. However, Motorola still makes phones that are pretty durable and they are operated by Android. Additionally, there are several Android phones out there that are water resistant. While you can buy a water resistant case for your Apple phone, the phone itself is by no means water resistant unless it is the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.


    • Usability: If you want a phone that works fast, is easy to use, and avoids changing UI generation after generation then you’ll want to go with an iPhone. Apple makes it so that the only decisions you have to make is what color you want. Your iPhone will also connect easily with all of your other Apple devices. After just a few years of using an iPhone, using an Android will be like learning how to walk again.


    • Hardware: As previously stated, there is almost no decision-making necessary in an iPhone purchase. The hardware and software is designed to work together. For some, this feels like all of the hard work has been taken care of already, but for others, this is very limiting. Google offers its Android software to HTC, LG, Motorola, and so on. That being said, a high quality Android phone could operate better than any other piece of technology you’ve ever used and will be much better for gaming and streaming, but when hardware and software don’t work together, they really just don’t work at all. All in all, if you’re thinking about Apple, you can go right in, try and buy, but if you’re leaning toward Android, do your research.


    • Screen size: Both operating systems score points in this category. Although anything newer than the iPhone generation 7 will be difficult for one-handed use, every generation before that is sized to be efficient for single handed use. There are endless options when it comes to Android phones, however, since larger screens are often used for gaming, you may want to go with an Android being that they are better for gaming in general due to their hardware options.


    • Camera: Depending on the Android you buy, the camera could be exceptional, however, there are articles out there that argue the iPhone 7 Plus has the best camera on a smartphone… ever. It offers a six element lens, 2-12 megapixel sensors, and optical image stabilization. It also has a telephoto lens that adds depth of field to images. If you spend the majority of your time on SnapChat, then you will also appreciate the 7 megapixel selfie lens with which this phone is equipped.


    • Apps: The Apple App store offers some 500,000 fewer apps than Google Play. This is due to Apple’s selectivity in which apps to allow on its store. Google is much more lax on its requirements, however the quality of some of these apps might not be up to par with those of Apple.


    • Customer Service: There is no such thing as an Android Store. That’s because the software is used for so many different brands of devices, which is fine for hardware issue since you can go to a Samsung or LG store. However, when your grandma finally opens the used Macbook you bought her last Christmas, you will be very grateful for your nearest Apple Store.


    • Assistance: “Siri”, Apple’s intelligent assistant software is severely limited to Android’s “Google Assistant.” If you are someone who still likes to use a handwritten planner, then Siri will probably be able to offer you with all of the assistance you need. However, if you live and die by your phone, then Android might be the way to go. Google Assistant has the ability to let you know when exactly you should leave for a meeting based on traffic and other environmental circumstances.



We all live and work differently and after all is said and done, the decision ultimately comes down to answering the question, “What piece of technology will give me the fewest headaches over the next two years?” Hopefully this article can help you answer that question. Happy shopping!

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